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The purpose of life is to create something that no one else could have created, and thus to bring into existence something that wouldn’t exist if you hadn’t existed.

One of the benefits of trying to live with purpose involves meeting with others that try to do the same. It’s great when others feel that drive and are excited about what they do every day (and also have “purpose” in the title of their brand). This is exactly the case with the guest in this podcast.

What is the Year of Purpose?

The Year of Purpose is a podcast that interviews high achieving, successful entrepreneurs. This includes millionaires and world record holders.

Here’s where the story begins: two weeks after graduating, Zephan found a job; believe it or not, through a Craigslist ad.

In this session, I got to spend some time with Zephan Blaxberg, owner of ZMB Media and Year of Purpose. Zephan gets to work with companies across the nation for video related needs and media projects. If you’re looking for a Baltimore-based videographer, he’s your guy!

What he didn’t realize was that about a year and a half into this job, the owner was selling the company.

In short, he was let go and the entire situation was out of his control.

See, the worst thing is that Zephan was doing everything right. He went to school, found a job, worked hard at his job and then lost it.

It was then that Zephan went through another job change (at the Apple store) and realized that he wanted his life to be better and filled with purpose.

Registering an LLC, getting a business bank account, and spending hours on helped Zephan start his business from scratch.

Some of Zephan’s Struggles Along the Way

He only made a menial income the first year of business. It was discouraging after putting in hours and hours of hard work.

After a year and a half of work came burn out. The “why” for the business was lost.

So, he started travel hacking and that’s where he discovered who he was and the person he wanted to be.

How Does Zephan Find Purpose in Life?

Another thing that Zephan talks about is how to know you’re living with purpose and getting closer to your why with two signs:

    1. physical things
    2. non-physical things

Physical: He used an example of his tax envelopes on his desk that represented the financial responsibilities of owning a business. These are physical items that show proof of your purpose.

Non-physical: knowing what that means to have a state of flow. When you look back a month, were the actions that you took and the things that you completed working together and really well?

An example of following the right state of flow can also be determined by your moral compass (as Zephan put it). You can feel going against the current and that’s a sign to back away and start course correcting.

You need to find that thing that’s going to take you out of that comfort/safety zone

Zephan’s Two Recommended Ways of Finding Yourself

1. Use a float tank.

What’s a float tank? It’s a lightproof and soundproof tank that is filled with water and about a thousand pounds of Epsom salt.

This float tank separates your ego from your body. The water is heated to 98.6 degrees and you naturally are at rest and relaxed. You find a way to get rid of all of your thoughts and all of your opinions.

2. Travel.

Find resources for ways to fly with only paying for the taxes on your flight. This is also known as travel hacking.

Be Around the People that Will Support Your Journey

Find a solid group of people you can have by your side during your journey.

There was also an interesting point brought up about current friends you might already have. If you aren’t getting support or what you need as a friend, you should probably look for those mentors or role models that you really look up to.


First, thinking about a float tank sounds a little strange, but definitely something to do! I’ve already started looking at places locally.

Zephan made a quick poke at himself about his fitness, but remember that it takes time to hit those fitness goals.

Think about this: are you looking back at your past month with regret or accomplishment?


Where to find Zephan Blaxberg:

@zephanmoses on Instagram
@zephanmoses on Twitter
Zephan on Facebook
Find Zephan on IMDB

Zephan’s books:

Life Re-Scripted: Find Your Purpose and Design Your Dream Life Before The Curtains Close
Greatfull: Mandala Coloring Book & Journal Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3


Stephen Shedletsky from Inspiraction on engaging with others in meaningful ways. We’ll talk about the why behind the work.

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