MP003: Why Fitness is Important to Your Success // PODCAST 🎙️

MP003: Why Fitness is Important to Your Success // PODCAST 🎙️

When life throws you lemons, don’t buy a juicer. Or just because life throws you lemons doesn’t mean you should buy a juicer.

Being on top of your game is tough. It’s important to remember how most of us have great intentions about what we want to accomplish.

The majority of people actually want to be healthy.

We want to be in shape.

We want to develop good habits.

We want to live a productive life.

So what is one of the ways we can continue to grow in ourselves and reach our goals? By incorporating fitness into our life.

How to Relate Fitness to Your Success

Fitness has to be a lifestyle, not a “diet” or your exclusive option to lose weight.

Find a way to get it developed into your routines, habits, and everyday tasks.

I never understood making something a lifestyle until I did this…

Wow. That title sounds like some click-bait!

Back in July 2011, I decided to make what I consider to be one of the most drastic changes in my life. It was to change my eating habits. And I’m not talking about changing my portions or starving myself, or anything like that.

I made the choice to become [a] vegetarian.

This has to date been not just a choice to pick the right foods, but also a choice to remain steadfast in the ongoing efforts. It is a lifestyle change, not just a diet.

This year marks nearly six years (at the time of this post – March 2017) of this change.

Am I still happy about the decision? Absolutely.

Is it still difficult? Sometimes, even more than when I first started.

By eating healthy, youll develop greater discipline with the things you accomplish.

It’s the same with fitness as it is being vegetarian – a lifestyle change.

Remember: to achieve greater things in life, it’s up to you to realize that being proactive with your health and wellness WILL flow over into other areas of your life.

 Use an app like My Fitness Pal for accountability.

Here are a few things you can do with the app (not limited to just these):

  • Ability to track calories
  • Look deeper into nutrition
  • MFP Blog for help with recipes
  • Bring recipes into the app from any website
  • Create your own recipes and log them

I really like how intuitive the app is. There are restaurant menus where you can search for exactly what they offer to eat, user uploaded (and verified) foods. You can also scan all of your favorite food’s barcodes to automatically import — you just have to change the serving size.

Being healthy requires an investment with a gym membership.

Quick Tip: Check with Google for peak hours of local fitness centers. You can also do this with restaurants. See screenshot below.



How many times have you fallen off of the wagon with fitness and failed? If you are trying to lose weight, this has probably been more than once.

Being fit and healthy has to be a lifestyle, not a diet. Find ways to do it without making it a chore.


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