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I’m really excited to start this. Really.

One thing that I’m good at is content consumption. I can continue to learn and educate myself with no problem.

Whatever the subject (given that I’m at least remotely interested) is, I will go all in with learning. That means text, videos, you name it. Anything that revolves around that subject will be in my “consumption” mode.

The one thing I think we could all use a little help with is teaching others. Each of us have a unique gift/talent/skill that we can show to others.

I encourage you to learn something, be great at it, then show others. Why not?

Anyway, here’s the first ever episode/show/session of the Mastering Purpose podcast!

This is a big deal because I’ve probably consumed over 1,000 podcast episodes and figured that it’s time to start one.

I’m hoping to provide the best value that I can and just plain help people.

I try my best to live with purpose and I think you should too.

Are you getting up in the morning and finding meaning in your life or are you going on cruise control?

It’s important that you think about that question because one day you’ll wake up, realize that 15 years have gone by and you don’t know where they’ve gone.


Format of the podcast:
25-30 minutes. This could change, but for episodes where it’s just me talking (hopefully not boring you) then I’d like to stick around that mark. I’m sure there might be a difference in timing in the future, but we’ll see.


To kick it off, I’m going to give a little information about myself and what I hope to achieve with this podcast.

My name’s Nick and I’m an average guy trying to make a difference. Right now, I live in Indiana with my wife Whitney, two kids (another on the way!), a modest home, and some animals. If you really want to know, one cat and two dogs.

It’s a [what I consider] happy life.


  • Others that might be an authority or expert in their field
  • Entrepreneurs, business owners
  • People working in a full-time job they’re passionate about
  • Individuals that are looking for purpose in their life


My hope is to encourage, inspire, and help you in any way, shape or form, for you to become a better person.

Life has a lot of things that are going to push or pull you down. It’s the actions that you take once you’re down on how you will define your life.

Will you get up and move forward or are you going to stay on the ground and feel sorry for yourself?

I hope the former because that’s going to help you succeed and become the best that you can be.

If I can bring out some qualities in your life that maybe you haven’t seen, the podcast has been a success.


First off, it’s enjoyable! If you’ve never hopped on a microphone, it’s fun and gives that “broadcast radio” feel. Secondly, I want to become a better public speaker and to reach the goals I have in life, this is what I need to do.

With all of the podcasts on the market, it’s really cool to think about how each person that runs their own show has a unique skill that they can bring to the table. It’s something that they not only enjoy but naturally show their talent to the world via audio.


  • What are you doing intentionally in your life to make you a better person?
  • Are you following your God-given talents and gifts?
  • Do you wake up wanting more or feel like you’re living on cruise control?

We are all different. Remember that.

There are some things that you and I would do differently.

Maybe you’re the goal oriented person and I’m the visionary. Nothing wrong with that.

But seriously, are you waking up in the morning and doing something you are at least remotely interested in?

It matters.

So let’s do this together. The only person in this universe that can tell you what you’re good at and what your skills are is yourself. That’s you. You are the person that defines who you are and who you will be.





00:00  Welcome to the Mastering Purpose podcast where we talk about life and your purpose. Let’s get started with session number one.

00:23 What’s up everyone? I hope your day’s absolutely great. I don’t know what you’re doing or where you are, who you’re friends with or whatever, but thanks for listening to this. I’m really happy that you are tuning in and I hope I can provide value for you in some way.

00:38 So, just to get started, this is the first episode, show, I don’t even know what I’m going to call it yet, I’m just going to go with session for right now. Um, we’re going to talk about who I am, why I even started this podcast, kind of some of the things to expect, and what you can get out of this.

00:57 So what are the things you can expect? Well, I’m going to be completely honest here. I’m not entirely sure what the whole podcast is going to be about. I’m hoping that I can share some of my interests, my passions, um, basically how I find purpose in life and how I think you can too. But also I’m going to be talking with other people about how they know specifically that they’re living with purpose.

01:23 Are they running a business, are they working a full-time job for a corporation or a company, and just how do they know they are really finding that purpose in life. And maybe they’re not. So I’m hoping to dig in and find those details.

01:37 Um, for the format I’d like to try and stay around 25-30 minutes. I will be interviewing people so it might be a little bit longer than that, but I don’t really want to take up too much of your time. I want to make sure that everything I’m bringing to the table is something that you’re going to get value out of. That you’re going to be able to listen to and learn from.

01:57 Um, just see if I can be any kind of resource for you in the future. That may change – 25-30 minutes is what I’m shooting for and we’ll see how close we get to that.

02:10 The next thing is if we have somebody on the show that is being interviewed, who are these people that are going to be interviewed? Well it might be an entrepreneur, it might be those that feel they are called to a certain occupation, maybe they gave up their entire business degree or their finance degree to go do something else.

02:30 It’s going to be people like business owners, maybe friends of mine, whoever’s on the show that is really, really finding that purpose in their life and you know waking up each day and knowing that what they’re doing is the best that they can do and finding that passion.

02:47 The one goal that I have is to make sure that if you have an area of your life that you feel like could be better, if you feel like you’re doing something, if you’re hating going to work every day, if you are just not getting anywhere, or you just need some help, or you just want to talk. Whatever it is, I just, that’s really why I want to start this because there was a really low point in my life that I’m going to cover throughout the podcast and I’ve found, I do my best to just find purpose in each and everything that I do with my family and all that, so.

03:23 A little bit about who I am and kind of what, you know, a little bit of my background, my name’s Nick, Nick Henry, and I’m really just an average guy trying to make a difference. I don’t, I’m not a very wealthy guy, in fact my family would probably tell you I’m the cheapest guy you’ve ever met. I really try, I’m a penny pincher and try to find ways to save money and right now I live in Indiana with my wife Whitney and two kids, we actually have a third on the way and, there’s a really interesting backstory to that, so that’ll be covered in another episode.

03:58 And then, we just live in a modest home, so, we sit in this home and we’re a Christian family so we try our best to do what God calls us to do. Kind of what he tells us and what direction he leads us in now. I know that might sound a little preachy, it may turn you away and that’s okay. If you’re not the right person to listen to this and I don’t want you to. I want you to find whatever value wherever you can find that value. And in whatever way works for you, so, maybe this is not the right fit for you, but I’m going to try and do my best to just tell you who we are and whether or not you should listen if you want to.

04:36 Um, so, when we bring people on, I really want to show you guys how you can find people that have expertise in a certain area or maybe they’re an authority in their field and you want to learn a little bit more about who they are. I’m going to include all of that at the end of the podcast. So we’ll have all of the resources and links on the website where you can go to find more about the people that are on here.

05:00 Another question you might be asking is why am I even podcasting? Um, and I mentioned a little bit about that but I really want to, you know, I feel like I’m really wanting to be a public speaker and I have a lot of these goals, but it’s hard to reach those goals if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, if you don’t feel like you’re a good talker, if you, you know, you think that you want to do these things, but you don’t feel capable and so that’s one of these reasons I want to get on the microphone. I do screencasting for YouTube and some other things like that, but I really feel like I want to be on the microphone because honestly it does intimidate me a little bit to sit behind the microphone and know that other people are going to listen to this because I’m not going to really edit this much and I want to make sure that it comes out as normal as possible.

05:53 And then in the future maybe I can go back and listen to it and see kind of the improvements that I’ve made and see how I’ve changed from the beginning, so. Pretty fun and interesting. So, a couple of the things that I will be talking about/wanting to hear from other people is are you actually following your kind of God given talents/gifts?

06:16 Are you a person that, you know, follows what you feel like you’ve been born with? Those talents and skills and maybe you follow a different religion and that’s fine. And I’m just curious to see what is it that you do on a daily basis that makes you find that purpose? What is it that you know that you’re good at, are you following those skills and talents that you have and, um, kind of chasing your dreams so to speak.

06:40 Are you actually doing that? And then, you know, one thing is that, I mean, we’re all different. And we each have a different skill set. We’re each good in our own area and we should take advantage of that. Maybe you’re like the goal-oriented person and I’m like the visionary type person. You know I can see a vision and see how it should be executed but you might be a goal oriented person that you might need to have x, y, and z in order. Maybe that’s who you are, I don’t know.

07:26 But there’s nothing wrong with that and one big thing that I like to talk about is just to see if you’re out there and waking up in the morning and doing something that you’re at least remotely interested in. Because life is so much more than going out and hating your job and working 40 hours every week. I’ve been through a lot of jobs in my life and I just have a really interesting story. So, I hope to cover all of that here and unpack all of the things that I’ve been through and I want to hear things that you’ve been through and just kind of build this community of people that are really finding that purpose and maybe if you’ve gone to school for four years or six years and you have an MBA then maybe you threw all of that away to go for something. And I think that’s really important that you talk about it because then it helps you know that you’re following that purpose.

08:23 Another thing that I really am interested in is finding out how you got to the point that you are. So, when you started the career that you’re in, maybe you’ve been doing it for ten years and you just don’t think there’s any other place you could go, how did you know that that’s where you’re supposed to be? That’s something I’m very interested in.

08:47 I think it’s interesting to see how these millenials and, in fact, I think I’m considered a millenial because I was born after 1984. So, that kind of gives you my age, and, I’m fascinated by the kind of history – good or bad – however people see it and I want to bring that here and hear other people’s thoughts as well.

09:09 So, I really just want to do this together. I’ve probably said so a hundred times on this and I just caught that but I really want to just see what I can, maybe if there’s a life that I can change just by talking, sharing some of my experiences, my stories, and things that I’m interested in, as well as hear from you and see what you’re interested in.

09:34 You are really the only person in this universe that can tell YOU what you’re good at. And then what your skills are. And you really should know that. And you should capitalize on that. You should find out what your skills are and you should pursue them – no matter what the costs. No matter if you need to give up a 10-year tenure. I think that you should follow what you’re passionate about. Now, that can go a lot of different ways, but what I really mean is that if there’s something that you’re really good at and passionate about, and you find that you can really be successful with that, I think you should chase it.

10:09 You know, I currently work in IT right now and that’s what I went to school for, and that’s not necessarily what I’m most passionate about. Um, I really love video editing, I love creating memories through film and grabbing all of the information I can from being in the video editing field and just telling that story through video. And you know I still love photography and stuff like that, but film is really where I hope I can be one day and that’s what this is all about!

10:44 Like I said, I really don’t know everything that’s going to be on here, I just want to get started. I’ve been trying to get this started for at least a year or two and I’m just going to put myself out there, get started and see where it leads me. And that’s really it for this episode.

10:58 I don’t want to take too much more of your time and this might be less than 20 or 25 minutes, I don’t have a timer going, I don’t really know. But, if you’re interested in getting together and finding out more about who I am or where I am, you can find me over on Twitter @nicksnotions. I’m not really on there much, I have quotes that come up – I try to inspire people through quotes and I hope that’s helpful so you can look for me there.

11:23 Over on YouTube you can find me at Mastering Purpose Studio. You may or may not be interested in that stuff, I do Photoshop Tutorials, After Effects and Premiere Pro. That’s all Adobe products, so I use it for stuff like motion graphics which are like animated text and animated images and stuff like that. And then I do other tutorials on Photoshop and then just all kinds of random things.

11:47 I will probably bring more things to the channel and I don’t even know if that’s the name I’m so indecisive. I’ve named it Mastering Purpose and now it’s Mastering Purpose Studio, and I’m still trying to work all of that out. So you can find me over there.

12:02 If you’d like to email me, you can email me at I’ve got that setup just for business type emails right now, but I’m making it more for my website which is – a work in progress, so if you head over there you’ll probably notice a lot of changes all the time. I’m still trying to get all that together because I do everything myself. I should probably hire some more people if I had more money, I’d do that!

12:26 But yeah, that’s pretty much it. Before I let you go, I do want to give a really quick tip. It’s not really a tip, it’s just something that I think you should do if you’re not already. Go out there and take some action. If you’re not, if there’s something you really want to do, stop wasting time. You know, maybe that means you need to give up a TV show once or twice a week. Put out an hour for yourself, two hours for yourself, talk to your spouse if you’re married or find that time to really devote to things that you’re good at and that you’re passionate about because it really helps with if you’re in a really bad state of depression or in some kind of state of sadness or you’re not really finding any motivation to do anything or you’re just getting up and living life on cruise control.

13:19 That’s one of my big mottos is I don’t think people should live their life on cruise control. I think there should be purpose and value in everything that you do. So just go out there and take some action. Maybe it’s something that you’ve just been thinking about for a long time. Just go out there and do something and feel that kind of creative purpose inside of you. Do it, get it over with, you can say that you did it if you didn’t enjoy it then find something else.

13:43 But I believe all of us have individual skills and things that we’re really good at and I think that we should chase those. So, that’s it for this episode, come find me and we’ll chat and I’ll talk with you guys in the next one.


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