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If you’re living like there’s no God… you better be right.

Who is Phil Ebiner and What is Video School Online?


Phil Ebiner is the founder of Video School Online. In 2012, Phil created the website as a growing resource and a place to share his knowledge as a video creator.

He now has a teaching audience of over 900,000 students and 70+ courses!

Phil graduated from Loyola-Marymount University with over $100,000 debt and has now completely paid that off with online teaching! Talk about a stress reliever.

A couple of years ago when I discovered Udemy, I paid for one of Phil’s After Effects courses. Although it was one of his earliest courses, I quickly learned how much he enjoyed teaching and sharing his passion.

Recently, Phil and I collaborated on our After Effects for Entrepreneurs course that I talked a little about in my February Revenue Report.

Welcome to the 5th session of the Mastering Purpose podcast!

What is Online Course Creation?

Online course creation can be a rewarding experience. A person gets to take their passions and expertise and bundle it into a course for people to pay for and take.

Topics might include marketing, photography, or business-related courses.

The best thing?

Creating a course online has never been easier! With platforms like Teachable, Udemy, Skillshare, and plenty of others, people can create their very own course. And, for platforms like Udemy, it’s free (to create and publish).

The Beauty of Promotion (and the indecision)

One of the things Phil wondered about is promoting his courses. With all of the different platforms and places like YouTube, should he branch out to those or just use Udemy.

For those that don’t know, Udemy uses their own marketing efforts to promote your courses through Facebook Ads and also their internal organic search results.

Growth of Video School Online and Phil’s Revenue

Phil’s revenue has continued to increase with his course creation in the past five years.

  • He noticed a double increase from one November (Black Friday) to the next.
  • Even with Udemy pricing changes, revenue has remained consistent
  • He also has noticed that complete courses have sold better in the long run and had the most success

Advice to Others Wanting to Teach Online Courses

One of the points that came up in our discussion was about making courses for the wrong reasons. One of these include not having a steady source of income and trying to pay bills with what your doing. This can lead to the wrong reasons and even possibly, burn out.

A bulleted list from Phil’s experience:

  • really care and think about students on the other side
  • look for students to actually benefit from their courses
  • if you get good reviews, the money will follow
  • even if you only have a small following, focus on the few students you have
  • stop worrying about perfectionism
  • don’t worry about equipment
  • if you can do it with another source of income, do it


I struggled with trying to make courses at the same time as running a business in the past. It’s not easy to put your students first when you are simultaneously worried about income.

If there is a topic you really understand and it is second nature to talk about it, you should create a course of your own.

Think about this: who or what have you learned from in the past?


Phil’s awesome intro clip I talked about in the podcast


Zephan Blaxberg (from Year of Purpose and owner of ZMB Media) joins me about how he follows his purpose traveling and finding purpose across the world.


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