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March 2017 : Purpose Earnings

The month of March was busy for many reasons. Although financially things moved around a bit, I am happy with the changes I saw and the testing I setup this month.

Lukas Andrew Henry – Newest Addition to the Henry Household

First off, my fourth son, Lukas, was born. On March 11, 2017 at 1am, he came into this world. We are delighted to have older brother and sister to play with him and understand more about him as a sibling and a baby.

Podcast Interviews with Phil, Zephan, and Stephen

I got the opportunity to speak with three incredible people — Phil EbinerZephan Blaxberg, and Stephen Shedletsky. Each of them run a website with their own unique skills and are really enjoying life. These are the people I love to see — using their skills and talents to further their careers and actually enjoying the things that they do every day.

Find the podcast interviews below:

Lawnaholic Affiliate Site Ad Testing and Comparison

I did some testing on to test out some Google Adsense ads vs. Amazon CPM ads. For those that aren’t familiar with either type of ads, to sum it up simply, Google Adsense are typically ads ran on a site that allows you to collect a commission when a visitor clicks on one of the advertisements.

Amazon CPM (Cost Per Thousand) ads are setup to pay out via every 1,000 impressions. So, no matter whether someone clicks on the ad or not, the payout will still be based on how many times they get seen.

Here’s a screenshot of the ad earnings for the month of March:​

mp amazon cpm march

There are still other factors that come into play with the CPM ads, but the above information gives a quick overview of what they are.

Lawnaholic Traffic for March

I’m excited that traffic is growing for the Lawnaholic blog. It’s been about one year since the site has started, so I’m going to post a picture in the next revenue report that shows from last year to this year.

For this month, I wanted to show the growth since the beginning of 2017. Pretty awesome!​

google analytics for march

Udemy Course Revenue Dropped in March

After reporting February’s earnings for Udemy, I’m kind of bummed about this month. But, I’m happy that I’m still making money online and that I have the opportunity to grow. It’s so cool to see the income still coming in after the work is done.

New Software Sign-up and Stock Photos

A while back, I signed up for AppSumo‘s newsletter where they share really great lifetime access to software that might be in beta or just deals they’ve worked out.


I was able to grab a lifetime subscription to Serpstat, a keyword research software that helps me find out more information about my own sites and other sites on the web. You can find out what links are pointing to your site, where you rank with certain stuff, and more.

I hope to make some videos about the software (maybe even a course) about how it works.


While I love access to Pixabay and other free sites like Pexels, sometimes it’s nice to have pictures that stand out and others don’t have. There have been many times where I’ve seen the same images I’ve used from free stock photography sites on someone’s blog.

So, another sale from AppSumo led me to get Deposit Photos (100) for use when I need a high-quality​, vibrant image. They boast close to 50 million images.

Anyway, that wraps up March. Let’s take a look at how the month looked.

FYI: some of these items have not been paid out yet. For example, Udemy has a 30-day refund policy for all of their courses. That being said, if someone doesn’t like a course, the earnings will change.

March Revenue


Affiliate 19
Amazon 19



After Effects for Entrepreneurs 199
Photoshop for Beginners 20
After Effects for Beginners 9



Amazon CPM ads 1
YouTube Ads 15

book sales

5 Feet 10 Inches: Vacate Normalness & Define Your Purpose 0

march expenses


software subscriptions 93
serpstat 39
deposit photos 39
dreamhost 15

net profit



I hope this post and these numbers have been helpful to you. In some way, it would be awesome for this to inspire you to find purpose on your journey!

Remember: don’t give up. Keep trying.

The only person keeping you from your success is: well, you​.


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