Why Being Indecisive Added $41 To A Business Card Order

“A lot of times we think we’re trying to figure out our careers when we’re really trying to figure out our purposes.” -Tony Dungy


Why Can I Not Just Make A Decision?

I’m a very indecisive person. If you know anything about me, then you probably know this by now.
I started meeting with a networking group in Anderson and I was told to “bring about 25 business cards” with me in order to pass them out with the group.

The problem was that I was going through this whole branding phase with my brand and I couldn’t decide what I wanted on the business cards. Should it say MP Media Production, MP Production & Design, MP Media, MP Video Production, MP Media Design…or about 10 others.

As you will see in the pictures below, I ended up with MP Production and Design.

Since the services I offer are for Video Production and Website Design, and my business is registered under Mastering Purpose, it seemed appropriate.

The problem I faced (and still continue to) was that I just felt that it wasn’t right.

It doesn’t sound right.

I need to design the card differently.

The font is too small. 

You see, it seems that I’ll never be happy with my results. I’m the one that designed the card after spending hours on it! But, why am I not happy with it?

That’s because I’m the one that went from start to finish with it.

I’m the one that made the conscious decision to take a smaller card size and run with it instead of the traditional business card size. I’m also the one that picked the quote to go on the back, picked the colors, changed the weights (thickness) of the fonts, etc. etc. etc.

Starting A Business That Matters

Starting this whole business thing is constantly making me take action instead of being perfect.

So, what happened when I passed the cards out? Well, I received a couple compliments about the size, the uniqueness, and also how those with bad eyesight couldn’t read the bottom line.

Here’s what the text says on the card:

Hey, I’m Nick Henry.

MP Production & Design

nick@masteringpurpose.com • 765.617.6097

The card I had before this was different and the next card I make (or outsource for that matter) may be different. But, that could hurt me. Or, it could help me.

That’s the part about indecisiveness – is that a word?

You’ve got to just decide!

Make A Decision and Live With It

Take the moment when your brain starts telling you, “Oh well, screw it, just do it!” Otherwise, you’ll be spending hours — and I’m not exaggerating — trying to decide and go over what’s already been gone over about 10 times already.

What I’m trying to say is, if I would have just made a couple decisions in advance, I could have ordered the cards and skipped the expedited shipping fee.

First, let’s break down the total of the entire shipment:

Description Price
Mini Business Card (50) $16.15
Material 15pt Card Stock
Front Coating: Soft Touch Laminate FREE
Back Coating: Soft Touch Laminate FREE
Subtotal $16.15
Sale Pricing $-6.80
TOTAL $50.35

Something looks wrong with that to me. Do you see it?

Just in case you don’t, the business cards themselves actually only cost $9.35!

Nine dollars. And thirty-five cents.

That’s 18.7 cents per card.

The shipping was $41.00 by itself.

But, you know what? I was okay with that. Most would say that they’d wait to order, get different cards, etc.

My thoughts are still that first impressions matter and you’ve got to be unique. I thought, “down the road, the $41 won’t matter”. And, from the experience, it won’t.

In an effort to stand out and be different, I had to do.

And, I think you should too.

Take the action now and get better in the meantime. Progress will be made down the road.

Oh, and here’s the cards. Tiny, right?


Thanks for reading,



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