February 2017: MP Revenue Report

February 2017: MP Revenue Report

Welcome to the first *official* revenue report for the Mastering Purpose blog! I’ve been fascinated by others out there making a full-time living from putting in a ton of hard work for their websites.

And, these sites are not big name companies making really good amounts of money, but average people that know how to run a successful online business.

Here are some of my favorites:

Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income: click here to read Pat’s income reports.

John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire: income reports here.

Michelle Shroeder of the Making Sense of Cents Blog.

When you look at these, you’ll realize the potential of running an online business and that’s what is so awesome! Living a life filled more with freedom and following the things you love to do.

Now, living this type of lifestyle is not for everyone. Some people prefer to have the set schedule of 8 or 9-5 and that’s fine.

Anyway, two things:

  1. I decided to name these reports MP Revenue Reports instead of income reports because there are income reports for different blogs all over the internet. I like to be different.
  2. Some of the links on here are what are known as affiliate links. That means that if you choose to go through them, there is a chance that I will earn some sort of commission. Don’t worry, this never costs you extra! And if it did, I wouldn’t list them here.

Another thing: my goal is to track the progress being made here on the blog, podcast, or whatever else comes my way with the Mastering Purpose brand. I want it to inspire others and help them find purpose in their life – one of those ways by showing how income can be changed when you do something you both love and are passionate about.

So.. what happened in February?

After Effects for Entrepreneur Udemy Course

Phil Ebiner from Video School Online and I collaborated on a new course, After Effects for Entrepreneurs: 9 Practical Video Projects which helps students walk through creating motion graphics for their own videos.

If you aren’t sure what motion graphics are, think about intros to shows you might watch with credits.

Promo video for the After Effects for Entrepreneurs Course:

It was a great experience working with Phil to understand how we both played a role with our projects. It seemed like we both fell into our own roles immediately about what we would do.

The Podcasting Soundboard Decided to Call it Quits (or so I thought)

About two years ago, we purchased a new Heil PR-40 microphone for the Henry Household. It’s used for recording the Mastering Purpose Podcast as well as Whitney’s podcast, The Passion Brewing Momma.

Of course, this month I was able to start lining up interviews and going to setup for one of those for testing, I noticed that I wasn’t getting any input from the microphone.

Well, we currently have a Behringer Xenyx 802 and it started flickering lights all over the board. After restarting and trying to hook up other microphones, it still would not work. So, intuitively, I assumed it was the soundboard.

There was a newer, similar piece of equipment, a Mackie Mix8 that I was keeping my eyes on and decided to purchase it. Not bad for $75 (and a warranty!).

We received that in the mail and hooked up the microphone, ready to rock! But, again, no sound 🙁

All this being said, the microphone ended up being the problem. I was really surprised because the Heil brand is known for high quality and I haven’t heard of anyone else having this issue with the PR-40 model.

The Affiliate Niche Site Progress

Most of you probably don’t know, but I also run an affiliate site called Lawnaholic. I have put together reviews for different products and written articles (as well as hired authors, check the Author Payouts in the expenses section) to help inform customers of a certain item.

One of the most popular posts on the blog is about the Husqvarna Automower and it’s features.

Another passion of mine is SEO and learning how Google’s algorithms work as a search engine. Of course, there are many SEO professionals out there and I have learned A TON over the years about how to format a website correctly and best practices when writing online.

In the future, I plan to create an entire course around affiliate marketing and SEO techniques for running a blog online. Don’t worry, if you don’t understand what either of those are, I’ll be sure to go into it in much detail during the course!

My Beginning to Starting an Email List

After waiting so long (because of so many other projects) I’ve finally decided that it is worth the time to start building an email list for this site.

Pat Flynn has an awesome email list tutorial over on the Smart Passive Income Blog. He’s got a series of videos and talks about not only the importance of starting now but also practical guidance on where to get subscribers and what to say.

This being said, if you notice some pop-ups on the site, feel free to sign-up (or not) and follow the progress of how it works.

Okay, enough with the laundry list of things, below are the actual numbers from the month of February.

FYI: some of these items have not been paid out yet. For example, Udemy has a 30-day refund policy for all of their courses. That being said, if someone doesn’t like a course, the earnings will change.

This Month’s Revenue

$ 644.66


$ 17.20


$ 17.20


$ 8.50


$ 0.62

YouTube Ad Revenue

$ 7.88

This Month’s Expenses

$ 354.41


TOTAL: $ 114.22

Replacement Soundboard + Warranty – Mackie Mix8

$ 91.23

Neewer NB-35 Mic Boom w/Pop Filter

$ 22.99


TOTAL: $ 63.70

Article Writing – lawnaholic.com

$ 63.70


TOTAL: $ 176.49

Adobe Creative Cloud

$ 53.49

Podbean Unlimited Audio Plan (annual fee)

$ 108.00


$ 15.00

Net Profit

$ 290.25

I hope this post and these numbers have been helpful to you. In some way, it would be awesome for this to inspire you to find purpose on your journey!

Remember: don’t give up. Keep trying.

The only person keeping you from your success is: well, you​.


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