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In the beginning, there was nothing, which exploded. Yeah right…

Welcome to the 4th session of the Mastering Purpose podcast!

I brought my good friend, James Armstrong from Central Indiana Youth for Christ – an organization dedicated to seeing young adults’ lives changed and transformed with God.

A little bit of a back story…

James and I first became friends back when Facebook first started. We’ve been through a ton of trials and friends, but have never lost touch after all of these years. We’ve gone from single and unresponsible friends to having families and trying our best to find purpose in our lives.

In the interview, we discuss what has led James to ministry, his past experiences, and how he managed to brick a used car he purchased from a friend — by not changing the oil!

What is an Urban Missionary?

Some might know what a missionary is — a person that travels the globe sharing God to others. But, have you heard the term urban missionary?

Think of it as a person that goes around in their city (hence: urban) trying to share the gospel to those who need it. It’s not just about handing out pamphlets.

Being a missionary means that you need to build a relationship.

From outsiders that don’t really have that relationship with Jesus… it seems like [Christians] are in a cult or something. –James

A little about James:


James and his wife grew up in an urban environment and this helps him with his current occupation. With his previous experience with like-minded people, he can relate to people because he knows what they’re going through.

He has lived a life full of ups and downs including hanging out with friends that were always in trouble, being with the wrong crowd, spending time in jail, and even losing his grandmother at a crucial part of his life.

If you don’t follow a Christian lifestyle, it’s probably hard for you to understand how this is critical to helping others find God in their life. But, it really is! That’s the Christian life – leading others to find their way in Christ.

One of the aspects of leading a life with purpose is making sure that you are waking up each day with intentional living. James talks about how he could wake up each day to do his own thing, but the reality is that we wake up for God, not ourselves.

We’re building disciples here… we’re not just here to hand out money and free meals. –James


Being a man of God can easily be put to the side. The important thing to remember is that this Earth and everything around you is not yours, but instead, it belongs to the One who created it.

Think about this: if you created something and another person tried to say it was theirs, how would that make you feel?


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