search for purpose

Your Life Search for Purpose: The Journey Begins

A search for purpose is not something that happens overnight. It’s a lifetime commitment. Where Does My Search For Purpose Begin? The search for purpose doesn’t always “start” in a certain spot. Think of it this way: every day your search continues. But, the longer you go, the closer you get (with reassurance) to that […]

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finding your purpose

Finding Your Purpose: Why is it Important?

Finding your purpose means more than just loving one another. It means knowing what you love to do and defining your purpose with your skills. How To Find Purpose and Do What You Love This is not an easy question. I truly believe that there are so many people struggling with this right now and […]

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mp revenue report

February 2017: MP Revenue Report

Welcome to the first *official* revenue report for the Mastering Purpose blog! I’ve been fascinated by others out there making a full-time living from putting in a ton of hard work for their websites. And, these sites are not big name companies making really good amounts of money, but average people that know how to […]

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MP004: Being an Urban Missionary w/James Armstrong [PODCAST]

In the beginning, there was nothing, which exploded. Yeah right… Welcome to the 4th session of the Mastering Purpose podcast! I brought my good friend, James Armstrong from Central Indiana Youth for Christ – an organization dedicated to seeing young adults’ lives changed and transformed with God. A little bit of a back story… James and […]

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automate your life part 1

5 Ways to Automate Your Life (Part 1)

Days go by fast. We are all trying to be productive and sometimes manually doing a task over and over doesn’t make much sense. And, sometimes we don’t even notice because we’re just trying to get things done. Welcome to the first part in a series titled, 5 Ways to Automate Your Life: Part 1. […]

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